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Box "FullMoon Edition"

Box "FullMoon Edition"

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Discover our Box Moontea for a moment of relaxation.
This Box contains a box (14 sachets) of tea, rosemary, jasmine, lily, blue butterfly, dates, longan; a bottle to infuse your tea to perfection, an amethyst gemstone for renewed energy, two crystallized sugars for a touch of sweetness and dehydrated fruit; strawberry, lemon, pineapple, red dragon fruit and orange for a unique taste experience.


Tea bag (rosemary, jasmine, lily, blue butterfly, longan, dates), reusable plastic gourd, colored sugar sticks, dehydrated fruit (oranges, dragon fruit, pineapple, lemon, strawberry), amethyst stone, "FullMoon" magnetic box ".

How to use it

Use each product on its own or take full advantage of the goodness of tea and dehydrated fruit in your antioxidant and boosting drink.


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This is the power of amethyst, a gemstone that can help dispel anxiety and stress. Thus promoting mental and emotional charity.

Discover its benefits with every sip of our blue butterfly tea and the power of amethyst.